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How do I use BlackBoard Collaborate?

Blackboard collaborate is the webinar environment where MNOHS students, teachers, staff, parents, and others meet for online class sessions, school-wide seminars, our annual talent show, etc.  While it may seem intimidating the first time logging in, interacting in our webinar environment is as easy as answering these four questions. #1 and #2 can be done at any time prior to your meeting.  

If you have any problems with #1 or #2, prior to the meeting, please email our Tech Support at



Review the following QUESTION any time before your meeting.

1. Do you have the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher installed on your computer?

If you don’t have the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher installed, you will be given the option to Download it when you click on a session link.  Please click this link to open the Blackboard Configuration Room in a new window or tab.

System recommendations include using Firefox Browser with either Windows 7 and higher or Mac OS 10.7 and higher. Chromebooks and Chrome OS are not supported by Blackborard. Detailed system recommendations can be found at Blackboard Support.


Download the launcher:

Run the installer from your browser downloads folder.  When finished select Join.

2. Is your system configured for speaking and listening?

You need the capability to hear sound with speakers or headphones. You may also want to have a microphone to communicate in Collaborate.  A USB headset with mic is highly recommended!

Click this link to open the Blackboard Configuration Room in a new window or tab. The webinar software will download and automatically launch.  

Follow the instructions on the webinar whiteboard to configure your audio and set your connection speed.

 When the webinar launches, you’ll first see this screen:


Be sure to click on “Accept.”

Next, you’ll see this screen: 

 Be sure to (1) select your connection speed and then (2) click “OK.”

Review the following TWO QUESTIONS when signing into your meeting.

2. Do you know the room address?

The room address will be provided to you by the MNOHS teacher or staff member.



Type in your first name and click “log in.” 


3. Does your sound work in the MNOHS Monday room?



Verify that your sound (and optional microphone) is working in the  Collaborate room.  Even if you have checked this in Question 1, it’s important to check it again.




Start the Audio Setup Wizard and listen to the prompts and follow the instructions. You can access the Audio Setup Wizard by clicking on the microphone icon in the upper right corner of the Audio & Video window.


Alternatively, Audio Setup Wizard can be accessed in the Blackboard Collaborate Tools Menu under Audio >> Audio Setup Wizard.



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