Course Descriptions

Quarter 2 starts November 10. Confirmed enrollments will be accepted through November 27--the sooner the better.

This year-long sequence surveys the evolution of world societies. Semester A focuses on ancient times through 1500. Semester B examines 1500 through the present times. In addition to the text, students read and listen to a wide variety of historical events and personal stories. These courses will help students to become familiar with the world’s societies and cultures, as well as with developments in politics, religious thought, philosophy, economics and literature. The courses include historical, multicultural, geographical, economic, technological, social, political and current event strands which are taught both independently and integrated with one another throughout. Both courses allow students to pursue individual historical interests alongside the standard curriculum. Through weekly assignments, course discussions, research projects, and exams, students will learn the critical aspects of World History and the details that textbooks cannot cover.

Course materials: A variety of online resources are used for this course.

Standards met: These courses meet all standards and benchmarks in the World History and Historical Skills strands of the Minnesota Academic Standards in History and Social Studies for Grades 9-12.

: 1.0 (Semester A = 0.5 credit, Semester B = 0.5 credit.)

Honors Opportunity: Yes

: None

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