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This quarter-length course, designed as a practical application of biological concepts, meets all benchmarks of the Evolution strand of the Minnesota Academic Standards in Life Science while focusing on companion animals in a social context. Students gain an in-depth understanding of genetics and evolution through the lens of domestication and companion animals.  Topics covered include: the structure and function of genes and chromosomes, genetic variation, heredity, natural and artificial selection, and evolution.  Students also have the opportunity to engage in discussions about current issues such as animal breeding and genetically engineered animals.

Course materials: Online readings from a variety of sources; other selected web sites. Students will need to provide some common household supplies including drawing utensils, paper, coins, and a printer or items necessary to recreate a printable document for some of the activities. Before a student can enroll in a MNOHS science course, MNOHS must receive a permission form signed by a parent or guardian (if the student is under 18).

Standards met: This course can be combined with Biology A and Anatomy and Physiology to help students meet Minnesota's biology graduation requirement. It meets some of the standards and benchmarks in the following strands of the 2009 Minnesota Science Standards for Grades 9-12: The Nature of Science and Engineering; Life Science.

Credit: 0.25

Honors Opportunity
: No

Prerequisites: None

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