Minnesota Online High School provides a continuum of special education services for students who qualify.  Because we are an online high school and do not have a bricks-and-mortar site, for some students this may mean contracting with or purchasing programming from other entities. Students are expected to stay in close touch with their special education case managers while enrolled in our school.

In addition to working with the MNOHS special education staff to develop and implement IEPs, students who qualify may enroll in these MNOHS courses which provide additional support:

  • Essential Skills
  • Essential Math, Essential  Geometry, and Consumer Math
  • Essential Language Arts
  • Essential Social Studies
  • SAIL Science
  • Transition
  • Essential Financial Skills and Financial Skills
  • Social Communication and Organization

Please see our course descriptions page for details about these and other MNOHS courses.

To discuss your student’s individual needs, please contact [email protected].

Click to download this important PDF document: Parental Rights for Special Education 

MNOHS Special Education Staff
  • Carina Abate-Wright, Special Education Director
  • Melissa Greene, Special Education Coordinator and Special Education Teacher
  • Christie Allison, Community and Work Based Learning Coordinator and Special Education Teacher
  • Virlen Tank, Special Education Teacher
  • Becky Stabenow, Special Education Teacher
  • Tammy Burman, Special Education Teacher
  • Lynne Deitz, Special Education Teacher
  • Kristin Rodgers, Special Education Teacher
  • Yvonne Carlson, Special Education Teacher
  • Kim Skalbeck, Special Education Teacher
  • Debbie Ferm, Special Education Teacher on Special Assignment

Nationally accredited online learning for grades 9-12

Minnesota Online High School

MNOHS is a public charter school for students in grades 9-12 (and younger students who are ready for high-school) who need a flexible schedule.  We offer full-time and part time enrollment.

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Saint Paul, MN 55114-1863

Phone: 1-800-764-8166
Fax: 1-866-586-2870

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