Reduced tuition summer application

For returning, current, or incoming MNOHS students who will pay tuition

2024 Eight-week summer courses: June 12 to August 13

MNOHS-only (comprehensive) students: You may be eligible for free summer tuition. Please check with your counselor before submitting this form or paying tuition.

If you have attended MNOHS before, or you are joining MNOHS in Quarter 1 of the coming school year–AND you are not eligible for free tuition–this form is for you! The cost is $300/semester course (0.5 credit).

1) Complete and submit the enrollment application form below.
2) Pay your tuition by PayPal (with or without an account), or by check postmarked by June 5.
3) Return the T-LSA form we email to you, signed by you and by your parent/guardian if you are under 18.

All three steps must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on June 12. Earlier is much better.

  • Write none or N/A if a question doesn’t apply to you.
  • Call MNOHS at 1-800-764-8166 x137 or email [email protected] with any questions
  • The Tuition and Learning Support Agreement (T-LSA) can be downloaded from the web page you are directed to after you submit this form. An option to pay through PayPal is available on that web page as well.
  • The T-LSA and payment instructions will also be sent to the parent/guardian email address you enter below. If your parent/guardian does not have email or did not receive the message, they should call MNOHS at 800-764-8166 x137.

Student information

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Course selection

MNOHS recommends that you enroll in no more than 3 semester courses, for a total of 1.5 credits. Please note that completing a semester course (0.5 credit) in just 8 weeks requires about 2-3 hours per day per course or 10-15 hours per week. We also offer a few science courses that are 0.25 credit each and require 5-8 hours per week.

How many credits do you plan to complete during the MNOHS summer session?(Required)

Parent/guardian information

Even though we have your information, please complete this section so we may verify our records. Thank you.
  • Students age 17 and younger: You must have permission of a parent or guardian to enroll in the MNOHS Summer Session. You and your parent/guardian must sign and return the Tuition and Learning Support Agreement (T-LSA). This form will be sent to the parent/guardian email address you enter below.
  • Students 18 and over (or if you turn 18 during the summer): MNOHS will assume we have permission to contact your parent/guardian unless you tell us not to on this form. You may also notify us in writing during the academic term.
  • Students 18 or over and receiving special education services: MNOHS will not contact your parent/guardian without your permission.
Please choose the description that best fits for you:(Required)
  • If you are over 18 and we do not have permission to contact your parent/guardian, fill in the required fields below with ‘NONE’ or ‘N/A’.
  • If you are under 18, or over 18 and we have permission to contact your parent/guardian: list one parent or guardian as the MNOHS contact. If you live in more than one home, please list the parent/guardian you live with most.
Parent/guardian name(Required)
Parent/guardian address(Required)
Minnesota Online High School has taken steps to insure that the information you send via this form will be transmitted securely. However, complete security cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware that the school will never contact you to request personal information such as a credit card number or social security number. If you are contacted by someone claiming to represent the school, do not provide this kind of private information. If you would prefer, you can print this form and mail it to us rather than submitting it electronically.

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Minnesota Online High School

MNOHS is a public charter school for students in grades 9-12 (and younger students who are ready for high-school) who need a flexible schedule.  We offer full-time and part time enrollment.

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