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Quarter 2 begins November 8. Confirmed enrollments accepted through November 11.

Algebra 2 A and B will prepare students for a college Algebra class. Topics covered in Algebra 2 A include a review of algebraic properties, linear functions and systems, quadratic functions, and polynomial functions. Topics covered in Algebra 2 B include the study of many more types of functions: exponential, logarithmic, rational, and radical functions. We also study sequences and series and cover an introduction to trigonometry.  

Both courses use an online text that focuses on developing an understanding of the topic that includes online videos of every example. Assignments include worksheets with example problems, journals, and projects. Students submit some assignments using The Geometer's Sketchpad, a powerful mathematical modeling tool. Class activities will be varied to include the following:

  • Investigations that explore the concepts of algebra
  • Videos from MNOHS teachers, our text and the internet showing worked examples of problems
  • Daily practice worksheets
  • Class journals to let students learn from and about their classmates
  • Chapter projects to examine different aspects of algebra and to learn how algebra is used in various real-world applications
  • Quizzes and tests to evaluate students' progress and understanding

Throughout the courses, students will actively participate in their own learning and will also benefit from personal feedback to help them continue to improve their mathematic skills.

Course materials: The Geometer's Sketchpad software; online edition of Holt McDougal Algebra 2 ; scientific or graphing calculator

Standards met: Algebra 2 A and Algebra 2 B together meet all standards and benchmarks in the Algebra strand of the Minnesota 2007 Math Standards for Grades 9-11.

Credit: 1.0 (Semester A = 0.5 credit, Semester B = 0.5 credit.)

Honors Opportunity: Yes

Prerequisites: Algebra 1, or the equivalent, for Algebra 2 A. Algebra 2 A, or the equivalent, for Algebra 2 B. Geometry A and B, taken before or concurrently.

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