Download the Student Credit Worksheet and Verification Form for an approximate idea of the credits that you have left to complete before graduating. 

Your MNOHS counselor will make the final determination about which credits will transfer from your former high school(s).  Normally, the high school courses you have already passed will count towards the credit requirements listed below.

21.5 credits are required for graduation.  NOTE: 1.0 credit is equivalent to two MNOHS semester courses or four MNOHS quarter courses. 

According to Minnesota law, depending on the year that you started 9th grade, you may be required to take a college admissions or college placement test such as ACT or Accuplacer in addition to meeting the credit requirements for graduation.  MNOHS will arrange testing close to your home if you need it.
Language Arts – 4 credits required 

Click to view a list of MNOHS language arts courses offered.
Mathematics – 3 credits required, encompassing algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability.  Beginning with the class of 2015, students must complete an Algebra 2 credit or its equivalent.    

Click to view a list of MNOHS math courses offered.
Science – 3 credits required, including one in biology.  Beginning with the class of 2015, students must earn a chemistry or physics credit as part of the 3-credit requirement.    

Click to view a list of MNOHS science courses offered.
Social Studies – 3.5 credits required, encompassing U.S. history, geography, world history, economics, and government/citizenship.

Click to view a list of MNOHS social studies courses offered.
Arts – 1.0 credit required

Click to view a list of MNOHS arts and other elective courses offered.
Health/Physical Education – 0.5 credit required

Click to view a list of MNOHS health/PE and other elective courses offered.
Student Leadership or Ramp-Up to Readiness – 0.125 credit required

In order to receive a MNOHS diploma a student must earn at least 0.125 elective credits in the MNOHS Student Leadership program or the Ramp-Up to Readiness advisory program. Students who enroll at MNOHS needing zero elective credits, may petition to waive the Student Leadership / Ramp-Up requirement.
Electives - 6.5 credits required, which can include World Languages, Vocational Ed., Directed Study, or courses beyond the minimum required in any of the areas listed above.

– Vocational and Technical Education – 0.5 credit highly recommended 
– World Languages – 2.0 credits recommended 

Click to view a list of MNOHS elective courses in these and other areas.


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