At MNOHS you can make your own daily or weekly schedule, but you won't be working on your own.  Your teachers, counselor, school staff and other students all play important roles in your learning.

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A typical week at MNOHS:

  • Each week, in each class, your teachers open folders with your learning activities and assignments for the week.
  • All teachers are available by phone, e-mail and text messaging.  You can also meet a teacher "live" during their office hours, in their online webinar room.   
  • We recommend that you work on all of your courses each day.  This way you can contact your teachers with questions and incorporate their feedback as you work.  However, online learning is flexible!  You might decide to focus on a special art or science project for a whole day. 
  • You need to spend 60 to 90 minutes per day for each online course.  (If you are taking one course, that's 5-8 hours per week per course.  If you are taking six courses, that's at least 6 hours per day for school.)
  • Courses are designed so that most activities, discussions, and responses to teachers’ feedback can be completed and submitted at any time of day. 
  • The Academic Support Center (ASC) is open to all students.  You can drop in to this webinar room, during ASC scheduled hours, to get individualized help from a teacher--or to connect with other students.
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