The MNOHS learning model is mainly asynchronous (not in real time) with lots of real time support

What does this mean?  Although there is a certain amount of work you are expected to do in each course each week, you are free to make your own daily or weekly schedule.  Also, you are free to speed up within the week when something is easy for you, and to slow down when it’s not so easy. 

Some of our courses have a weekly class meeting but these are only required for Advanced Chinese.  In other courses, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend the meeting, your teacher will provide an alternate assignment.

Although you can work on your own time at Minnesota Online High School, you will not be working on your own Your teachers, counselor, school staff and other students all play important roles in your learning.

A typical week at MNOHS
  • Each week, in each class, your teachers open folders with your learning activities and assignments for the week.
  • Courses are designed so that most activities, discussions, and responses to teachers’ feedback can be completed and submitted at any time of day. 
  • You need to invest at least one well-focused hour per day in each course.  (If you are taking one course, that’s at least 5 hours per week per course.  If you are taking six courses, that’s at least 6 hours per day for school.)
  • We recommend that you work on all your courses each day, Monday through Friday.  This way, you can contact your teachers with questions and incorporate their feedback as you work.  However, it really is your choice!  You might decide to focus on a special art or science project for a whole day–or even to work on only one course per day for the whole day, throughout the school year.  If you have a job or other commitments, you are free to do your MNOHS work on the weekend, late at night or early in the morning.
  • All teachers are available by phone, e-mail and text messaging.  You can also meet a teacher “live” during their office hours, in their online Collaborate Ultra (webinar) room. 
  • The MNOHS Academic Success Center (ASC), an online webinar rooom, is open to all students.  You can drop during ASC scheduled hours, to get individualized help from a teacher–or to connect with other students.

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