Although your smartphone is very powerful it is NOT the best tool to be successful at MNOHS.  Some of your assignments will not work at all, and the small keyboard is hard to use for your classes.  You will need to select a computer with Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS X 10.9 or higher to be successful at MNOHS.

Online learning at MNOHS is active learning  Here are some things you will do every day or every week in your MNOHS courses that simply can't be done on a phone.

On a phone you may be able to... ...but on a computer you will...
Post quick responses to quick questions Polish your essays, articles, stories and poems based on feedback from your teachers and classmates
Answer questions about math Create mathematical models
Look at maps Create maps
Listen to class meetings Participate in or lead class meetings
Make quick edits to photos and videos Practice advanced editing techniques
Read about scientific concepts Explore scientific concepts using online labs and simulations

 Click to learn more about MNOHS computer requirements.

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