MNOHS is a member of the Minnesota State High School League, and can form cooperative agreements for participation in sports with your resident district (the district in which you live). However, this is dependent upon the willingness of your resident district, and districts vary quite a bit. 

Protect your eligibility!  Please speak to your coach, athletic director, and school principal before enrolling full-time in MNOHS. 

Alternatives to cooperative agreements:

  • Consider staying enrolled in your district and taking courses at MNOHS as a supplemental online student.  Normally supplemental online enrollment is up to 50% of your course load.  However, if your district is willing they can waive this 50% limit and allow you to take all of your courses online.

  • If you are in good standing at your district, you may be able to transfer to MNOHS and play at your district school for one year.  This works well for students who have completed 11th grade and plan to attend MNOHS for 12th grade only.  Please check with your district athletic director about this option.

Several MNOHS students (see picture below) have participated in their local sports teams, debate teams, choirs and orchestras. 

For further information, call: 1-800-764-8166, ext. 111

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