In this quarter-length course, we study the atmosphere, the science of weather, and climate. The course will focus on the role of air, water, and wind within atmospheric systems, wind speed, wind direction, lightning, cloud types, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. You will also collect and analyze atmospheric observations and data to predict the weather.

A large component of the class will focus on climate change and what that means to you. You will apply the information and skills you have learned to solve real world problems. Course activities include investigation into climate, weather, real and virtual labs, and climate change focused problem solving.

Course materials:  All instructional materials are available online, in,,, and other science sites. Virtual labs are conducted online. Any supplies, including a ruler and protractor, can be found easily or made at home.

Standards met: This course meets some of the standards and benchmarks in the following strands of the 2019 Minnesota Science Standards for Grades 9-12: Earth and Space Science.

Credit: 0.25

Honors opportunity: Yes

Prerequisites: None. Before a student can enroll in a MNOHS science course, MNOHS must receive a permission form signed by a parent or guardian (if the student is under 18).

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