How does the science of chemistry influence the technology we use today?  Chemistry helps us to make sense of the world we live in – from healthcare technology to energy paths using nuclear technology. 

In this eight-week course, we will learn how physical and chemical properties and changes determine uses and safety of technology applied to healthcare.  We will use the atomic model to explain the details of nuclear decay, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion, as used in contemporary nuclear technologies.  Finally, we will dive into the amazing modern periodic table model to see how this model of organizing chemical information points to the uses of different elements in building materials. 

Students will use interactive videos, virtual labs, and modern examples to investigate chemistry concepts in everyday life. Authentic scenarios are presented each week for analysis and discussion allowing students to construct meaning from the concepts.

Course materials:  All instructional materials are available online, in the course.

Standards met: This course meets some of the standards and benchmarks in the Chemistry strand of the 2019 Minnesota Science Standards for Grades 9-12–specifically benchmarks 9C., 9C., 9C., and 9C.

Credit: 0.25

Honors opportunity: Yes

Prerequisites: None. Before a student can enroll in a MNOHS science course, MNOHS must receive a permission form signed by a parent or guardian (if the student is under 18).

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