Reading is an important skill in education and everyday life. In this course, you will improve your academic reading level and study skills. There are two major components to this course:  working independently in an online reading program (Reading Plus or Reading Horizons Elevate) and meeting weekly with the Study Skills teacher.  Each week there is an additional assignment on topics such as academic vocabulary, strategies and reflection.   

Reading Plus provides leveled reading and vocabulary practice to increase your comprehension and reading rate.  Reading Horizons Elevate reviews reading fundamentals from phonics and decoding to comprehension.  During your weekly meeting we check-in and work on specific reading strategies.  Each quarter we monitor your reading progress using FastBridge assessments. As a study skills student we support you in all of your MNOHS courses.    

Course Materials: All instructional materials are online, including Reading Plus, Reading Horizons Elevate and FastBridge Assessments. 

Standards met: This is an elective course.  There are no MN Standards for this course. 

Credit: 0.25 each quarter

Honors Opportunity: No

Prerequisites: You are identified for this course using scores from the Performance Series Reading assessment and other tests on your transcript, and by referral.  Contact your MNOHS counselor to learn more about MNOHS’ Academic Support program and this Study Skills course.

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