Entrepreneurship Program

Intro to Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurial Projects / Project Based Learning in Entrepreneurship
MNOHS Teacher and Family Coordinator Matt Hawk
  • Intro to Entrepreneurship (0.25 credit): In this eight-week course, students explore entrepreneurial attitudes and skills–including problem solving and creative thinking–using case studies, business simulations and personal development activities. They practice developing business ideas, identities and value propositions; creating budgets; reading financial statements; and planning for marketing, company culture, and hiring.
  • Entrepreneurial Projects (0.25 credit): In this eight-week follow up course, students complete practical steps toward developing their entrepreneurial ideas or existing businesses. These include: choosing a business structure; obtaining an EIN; analyzing the competitive landscape; creating a brand slogan and mission statement; developing email, social media and networking strategies; implementing accounting and tax reporting; and deciding about product pricing. They also evaluate pyramid schemes; side hustles; franchising opportunities; and entrepreneurship and small business support.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) in Entrepreneurship (credit varies): Students further develop their entrepreneurial ideas or existing businesses, with the support of a licensed teacher.

Course materials: All materials are available online or provided within the courses.

Standards met: These courses are aligned to the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education’s national standards.

Credit: 0.25 per quarter for Intro to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Projects. Credit varies for PBL.

Honors Opportunity: No

Prerequisites: None for the Intro course; completion of the Intro course or its equivalent for the Entrepreneurial Projects course and for PBL.

Nationally accredited online learning for grades 9-12

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