Other Related Questions
Why can't I do MNOHS on my phone?
What if I can't afford a new computer?

You'll need these 3 things to be successful at MNOHS:

1.  Regular access to a relatively new computer with Windows 10, Windows 8, or Mac OS X Sierra (10.12) or higher
2.  High-speed internet access
3.  A headset with microphone

Important! Although some assignments and tasks can be accomplished on other types of devices, such as your smartphone, iPad, tablet, Kindle or Chromebook, you will not be able to do most of your MNOHS course work on them.  You need regular access to a Windows or Mac computer to fully participate in your MNOHS classes. 

Optional: Click for detailed computer requirements

I understand the 3 tech requirements and I'm ready to continue

I'm ready to enroll in summer I want to enroll for fall

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