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In a new ‘global economy’ it is becoming clear that competition for jobs will be fierce.  Career trends are dynamic, change as fast as our technology and evolve with global economic realities.  Workers need to acquire new job-content skills for a modern economy and to develop those soft-skills or transferable skills that employers have always valued. Soft skills are universally demanded by employers and include knowing how to communicate effectively, make decisions, handle conflict, show initiative on the job and become dependable and responsible employees and business owners. This course will also introduce concepts related to consumer economics, and other life-long learning applications.

In the course students will identify and further develop essential work skills, and will apply them to the work setting.  The job site will be a laboratory.  Students will be asked to recognize and practice skill sets on the job and to report/discuss these concepts with other students in the course.  The real life experiences will help to bring the course concepts to life for the student workers.  Students are required to be employed before enrolling in the course.

Course Materials:  Students link to some of the most important and up to date career and education resources available on the internet. In addition to iSEEK and other well-known career sites, we provide access to an array of sites that comprise a cutting edge skill development process. Students will also be required to seek cooperation from supervisors in the student’s work place.

Standards met: U.S. Department of Labor, The Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).

Credit: 0.5

Honors Opportunity: No

Prerequisites: Current employment, Career and Educational Planning

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