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Wellness Skills

This course focuses on individual goal setting in order to improve personal coping skills, academic engagement and time management. It's a chance to gain elective credit for social emotional growth that students are working on at MNOHS. Once a week, the student will have an individual meeting to discuss personal growth or learning goals with the wellness counselor. Assignments in this course are based on needs expressed in meetings or in assessments.  Students interested in this course should let their counselor know, as there are requirements to qualify for the course.

Course Materials: Online reading from a variety of sources; teacher created notes; videos and tutorials.

Standards Met: There are no MN Standards for this course. This is an elective course.

Credit: .25 per quarter enrolled.

Honors Opportunity: No

Prerequisites: Please talk to your counselor if you are interested in this course.  Students must meet certain criteria to take this elective.

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