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Reading is an important skill in education and everyday life. In this course, students will improve their academic reading level.  They will work weekly in an online program called Reading Plus that provides leveled reading and vocabulary practice to increase comprehension and reading rate.  In addition, each student has a weekly meeting with the teacher.   During the meeting the student works on specific reading strategies and the teacher monitors progress and offers support in the student’s other MNOHS courses. 

Course Materials: Reading Plus (a web based online reading program), FastBridge and other reading programs and supports as needed. 

Standards met: This course is designed to provide academic support to students including the areas of reading and vocabulary development and study skills. 

Credit: 0.25 each quarter

Honors Opportunity: No

Prerequisites: Students are identified for this course using scores from the Performance Series Reading assessment and other tests the student has taken, and by referral.  Contact your MNOHS counselor to learn more about MNOHS’ Academic Support program and this Study Skills course.

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