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Fall Semester begins September 4. Confirmed enrollments accepted through September 5.

In Directed Study, students work with MNOHS teachers to design learning projects that are grounded in the students' interests, commitments and communities while also meeting the Minnesota Academic Standards in the teachers' areas of licensure.  This is a great option for students who are already committed to outside-of-school learning or who want to deepen their understanding of a particular skill or subject.  All Directed Study projects include career and community components.

Recent projects have included:

  • Chemistry - Study the evidence on the effectiveness of herbal remedies
  • Computer Science - Use Javascript to build a simulated ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurship - Create a business plan for a hobby farm
  • Fashion Arts - Complete a community ed course, interview a designer, and create a visual dictionary of fashion history
  • Physics - Create a household's renewable energy plan, with a focus on wind generators

Also see Directed Study in Music and Advanced PE for more ways that students can earn credit at MNOHS doing what they love.

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