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The demands of our changing world make career planning an essential part of any high school curriculum. Career trends are dynamic, change as fast as our technology and evolve with global economic realities.

This course invites students through a purposeful exploration to help identify strengths of their personalities, interests, intelligence, learning styles, and values. Then they investigate various career and education options that are well suited to their strengths. Students learn and practice essential workforce skills (SCANS) including how to write dynamite resumes and cover letters and how to ace a job interview.

In addition, students are introduced to relevant tools and processes that they will use to examine post-secondary education options. As they have identified career possibilities in the first part of this course, they also learn about the education and training requirements of each career field they may enter. Students will learn about various funding options available to pay for school, they will explore types of school/training choices and gain important understanding of the criteria they must meet to enter this post-secondary phase of their career. Students who complete this course will have the skills and knowledge needed to continue with effective career processes today and in the future.

Course Materials: Students link to some of the most important and up to date career and education resources available on the internet. In addition to ISEEK and other well-known career sites, we provide access to an array of sites that comprise a cutting edge career seeking process.)

Standards met: U.S. Department of Labor, The Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).

: 0.5

Honors Opportunity
: No

: None