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Explore visual arts! Using a variety of media (such as pencil, paint, collage and sculpture), students create projects that range from the political to the personal and whimsical—for example, a collage that makes a powerful visual statement about an important issue or a Picasso-like sculpture splashed with color and pattern. A key focus is the language of art, known as the Elements and Principles of Design. Some key art movements are studied as well as the larger question: “What is Art?” The course utilizes a wealth of internet art resources. For example, a favorite project is the Independent Artist Study, where students “circle the virtual globe” as they examine the life and work of a favorite artist and create a piece of art in the same style. Feedback and reflection are other important parts of the learning process, facilitated by online class discussion boards and the students’ interactive personal Art Journal. This class will open students’ eyes to new ideas about art and creativity.

Course Materials: Students are asked to purchase an inexpensive set of art materials—the list is available on the MNOHS web site and will be updated one week before the start of each semester.

Standards met: Students come to understand the Elements and Principles of Design and can apply them in art creation and analysis.

Credit: 0.5

Honors Opportunity: No

Prerequisites: None

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