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In this semester length course, students will: identify, in written and performed music, pitch, rhythm, meter, intervals, scales/key signatures, expressive elements, musical terms, chords and chord progressions. Students will use these skills to notate performed music, sing a notated melody, and compose 4-part music in the common-practice style. Students may choose to prepare for the AP Music Theory Exam.

Course Materials: Web-based music theory and music notation software are provided online.

Standards met: This course meets Minnesota Academic Standards in Arts Education (2018): Generate and develop original artistic ideas, Create original work, Revise and complete original artistic work, and Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for performance

Credit: 0.5

Honors opportunity: No

Prerequisites: Elements of Music or another high school level music course. Prospective students should be able to read and write musical notation and have basic performance skills with voice or an instrument. Understanding of scales, key signatures, intervals and chords is recommended, but not required.

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