Course Descriptions

Quarter 2 starts November 10. Confirmed enrollments will be accepted through November 27--the sooner the better.

In this semester length course, students will explore fundamental musical concepts while engaging with questions such as “What is music?” and “Can music tell a story?”. The course teaches the elements of music including staves, clefs, notes, meter and rhythm, keys, scales, basic harmonization, and form. Students work with music theory software and music notation software to learn basic fundamentals; this allows them to create their own compositions. Through guided listening assignments, students will explore particular aspects of music—for example, rhythm and meter, musical style, or featured instruments. An important feature of this class is developing and sharing each student’s tastes in music by introducing favorite bands, singers, and composers to one another.

Course Materials:Web-based music theory and music notation software are provided online.

Standards met
: This course meets Minnesota Arts Standards: 1. Artistic Foundations, 2. Artistic Process: Create or Make and 4. Artistic Process Respond or Critique.

Credit: 0.5

Honors Opportunity: Yes

: The course is designed for students at various levels of musical experience who want to explore listening to a variety of music and creating their own music. Students should have an interest in working with traditional music notation.

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