To determine if MNOHS is a good fit for you right now, click here to take our online survey.  It will open in a new browser tab or window.  Answer all 11 questions and click to score your survey.  You'll get a full page of feedback, your roadmap to success at MNOHS!

Important!  The MNOHS Handbook is your best guide to how to succeed as a MNOHS student--and how your parent/guardian can support you.  Please download it now and read it carefully before enrolling.

Successful online students are: 

  • motivated and persistent
  • skilled in time management
  • self-advocates
  • comfortable with technology and computer navigation
  • confident in reading and writing
  • willing to work on all of the above, and to seek and accept help when they need it

MNOHS faculty and students report that a consistent effort is the most important factor in a student's achievement. Putting forth this effort is your best guarantee that you will enjoy your classes, stay on track for graduation, and be ready for college and a career!

What else do you need to succeed as an online student?

  • regular access to a computer with Internet
  • time to work on your courses
  • family member or friend to help you with your computer

Also, it's highly recommended that you complete and confirm your enrollment before the first day of the quarter so you can start your classes on time!

I've completed the survey,
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