Advanced Chinese Program

Three levels of advanced Chinese language courses for high school students, online!

MNOHS has combined our talents with Yinghua Academy Chinese Immersion Charter School in Minneapolis to create three levels of advanced online Chinese language courses for students who have graduated from middle school immersion programs, or who have similar reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Mandarin.

Each level is a year-long credit-bearing high school language course. The third level, AP Advanced Chinese Language and Culture, prepares students for the AP Exam. Please scroll down for answers to your questions about the program.

Am I ready for online learning at MNOHS?

Before you enroll at MNOHS, be sure to take our online quiz. It will open in a new browser tab. Answer all questions and submit your survey to score it. You’ll get a full page of feedback, your roadmap to success at MNOHS!

For detailed technology requirements, please see this page on our web site: (it will open in a new browser tab).

Do I have the language skills to join Advanced Chinese?

Advanced Chinese at MNOHS is an immersion program, so everything that happens in the course–spoken and written–happens in Chinese. The table below shows the ACTFL proficiency level needed to join each level at the beginning of the school year in September.

You are ready to start Level 1 of Advanced Chinese at MNOHS if you have graduated from 8th grade at Yinghua Acadamy or if you have test scores that meet the ACTFL proficiency levels listed below.

If you haven’t graduated from Yinghua and don’t have test scores, we can help you to determine your skill level! Please fill out this form to get started. It will open in a new browser tab.

Level 1: ACTFL proficiency level Intermediate-Mid or higher
Level 2: ACTFL proficiency level Intermediate-High to Advanced
AP Chinese Language and Culture: ACTFL proficiency level Intermediate-High to Advanced
Note: We strongly recommend that you take Advanced Chinese 2 before taking the AP course. In Advanced Chinese 2, you will study Chinese literature that will help you to write well on the AP Exam.
What are the schedule requirements?

Each level of Advanced Chinese has two one-hour online (“live”) class meetings per week, listed below, where you will practice speaking and listening with your classmates and teacher. You are required to attend one meeting per week (you can choose week by week) and encouraged to attend both.

In addition to the meetings, you will have about five hours per week of asynchronous course work. This can be completed any time of the day and any day of the week–including weekends–but should always be completed in the week it is assigned.

LevelClass meeting days and times
1Thursday and Sunday evening Central Time – TBD
2Thursday and Sunday evening Central Time – TBD
AP Chinese Language and CultureThursday and Sunday evening Central Time – TBD
How will I be supported as a learner?

At MNOHS, you can expect useful feedback from your teacher on your learning progress, and opportunities to revise and resubmit work that was submitted on time.

If you have questions about course assignments, MNOHS teachers are available between class meetings by phone, e-mail and text messaging. Students can also meet teachers in their webinar rooms during online office hours.

If you have an IEP or 504 Plan, please let us know when you are enrolling, so we can implement the accommodations and/or modifications that will help you to succeed in MNOHS courses.

What are my enrollment options? Is there a cost?

There are two part-time enrollment options available at MNOHS:

Free! Supplemental enrollment: If you are attending a Minnesota public high school, you may take 1-3 MNOHS courses in place of the same number of courses/credits at your enrolling school. There is no cost for this as long as you do not exceed a full-time course load. The course credits you earn at MNOHS apply toward the graduation requirements at your other school.
Tuition enrollment: If you are attending private school, are home schooled, are not living in Minnesota, or if you want to take a MNOHS course in addition to a full time load, the tuition cost is $520 per semester, or $1040 for the whole school year.

Information about course materials can be found in the Getting Started folder of each course, once you are enrolled. Supplemental students may borrow course materials from MNOHS. Tuition students may buy your own course materials or borrow from MNOHS.

As a public charter school, MNOHS also enrolls students full-time. This is called comprehensive enrollment. It means that you choose MNOHS as your district and will graduate from MNOHS. A few students have come to MNOHS for Advanced Chinese and stayed for everything.

What are the enrollment deadlines?

To join Advanced Chinese at the beginning of school year 2024-2025 please observe these dates:

Monday August 26, 2024 – If you did not graduate from Yinghua and need help figuring out your skill level, please request it by this day.
Thursday August 29, 2024 – Our Technology Orientation opens. Students who have already completed their enrollment will be able to log in. Online programs are not all the same, so please plan to spend a couple of hours learning your way around MNOHS.Thursday August 29, 2024:
Thursday September 5, 2024 – Your enrollment must be confirmed by this day. Earlier is much better! Please note that filling out our online enrollment form is not enough. To confirm enrollment, you must either submit a supplemental enrollment form signed by your school counselor or pay tuition.Thursday September 5, 2024
Friday September 6, 2024 – Technology Orientation for students who enroll at the last minute.
Monday September 9, 2024 – Courses start!

If you have taken MNOHS courses as a supplemental or tuition student and want to enroll again, you do not need to start over with the enrollment process. Please contact [email protected]. We’ll send you the correct form to confirm your course choices for the new school year.

If you are reading this after the start of the school year and are interested in joining Advanced Chinese in Quarter 2, Quarter 3 or Quarter 4, please fill out this form. It will open in a new tab. A MNOHS staff member will contact you.

What if I need help figuring all this out?

Please fill out this form to tell us about yourself. We’ll contact you with information about your next steps.

I’m ready to enroll!

We’re glad to hear that! Please start on this MNOHS web page:, and skip any sections you have already read or completed.

What else should I know about MNOHS?
MNOHS is nationally accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), a division of Cognia (formerly AdvancED).
MNOHS is accountable to the Minnesota Department of Education as both an approved supplemental online learning provider and a public charter school.
MNOHS courses are NCAA approved.

Nationally accredited online learning for grades 9-12

Minnesota Online High School

MNOHS is a public charter school for students in grades 9-12 (and younger students who are ready for high-school) who need a flexible schedule.  We offer full-time and part time enrollment.

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