ACT Plus Writing Checklist February 2024

Use the information on this page, including the checklist below, to sign up for the ACT Plus Writing Exam, and to learn about vouchers or reimbursement.
Important deadlines (sooner is much better):
March 8 – Registration deadline (and the deadline for requesting accommodations)
April 5 – Deadline to upload a photo to your registration, and to get a valid matching photo ID
April 13 – Testing day! You must be at the test center before 7:45 a.m.

Who should take the ACT Plus Writing test and why?
  • These instructions are for students who have chosen comprehensive (MNOHS-only) enrollment. Supplemental students, please check with your enrolling school about taking the ACT or another college readiness exam there.
  • All MNOHS students are encouraged to take a college readiness exam, to help with post-secondary planning and access to post-secondary scholarships and other opportunities. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some colleges have permanently changed their admission requirements. Please contact your MNOHS counselor or advisor to for help determining whether your post secondary plan, including possible scholarships, might require the ACT.
When and where should I test?
  • MNOHS comprehensive students can take the ACT Plus Writing on Saturday, April 13 at test centers close to their homes. National testing dates are also available in June and July.
How do I pay for it?
  • If you are eligible for educational benefits (also called “free and reduced lunch” or FRL), ACT will provide a fee waiver through MNOHS for you to take the test up to two times in your lifetime, at no cost. Please contact Adrianna Black Bull at [email protected] so she can send you an ACT fee waiver form. You will need this to complete the registration steps explained below.
  • If you are not eligible for educational benefits, MNOHS will pay for you to take the test once in your lifetime. You’ll need to complete the registration process explained below, pay $93 on your own and take the test to be reimbursed by check at the end of the current school year. Please note that you must enter the MNOHS school code when you register so we will automatically receive proof that you have tested.
Important notes
  • ACT strongly encourages you to register early to ensure that space is available at the test center you choose.
  • Complete all steps well before the deadlines, so that MNOHS staff can help you if needed.
  • MNOHS’ High School Code is 241-681; this is the high school you are attending. You will also be asked to enter a code for the test center you choose, which may be another school.
  • Each ACT Fee Waiver Form has a number. It may be used only by the student it is given to.

Follow the steps in the checklist below to register, prepare for and take the ACT Plus Writing exam:

Step 1: Now!Save the date and pick the place:
Step 2: Now!11th grade students: report in your Ramp-Up advisory class that you’ve completed Step 3 below – or come to work on it in an advisory meeting. It’s a very good idea to take care of all ACT-related tasks well before the deadlines. Your MNOHS Ramp-Up class will focus on this so we know that you are on track!

12th grade students: please report that you have completed Step 3 below to Adrianna Black Bull at [email protected]
Step 3: by March 8 – sooner is much better!Register for the April 13 ACT Plus Writing exam:
  • Follow the link below to launch the registration process. You’ll begin by creating an ACT web account.

  • Be sure to choose a secure username and password–and make note of them!

  • You can log out of your account and log back in to add or change information or to upload a photo. However, once you have paid for the test registration, you must pay a fee to change your choice of test center and can only change if seats are available.

  • You’ll need about 40 minutes to complete Your Personal Profile and Your Interest Inventory. You can log back in later to change these sections if you like.

  • Your Test Selection is the most important part! Enter the code for the test center you have chosen. Under “Your High School”, enter the information shown in the screenshot below, including MNOHS’ High School Code, 241-681. And remember, you need to take the ACT Plus Writing.

  • Pay for your registration online using a credit card or enter the fee waiver number from the top right of your Fee Waiver Form.

  • Your payment or fee waiver also covers the cost of ACT reporting to four colleges of your choice.

  • Be sure to save and print the Test Day Checklist, and to make note of your ACT ID.
Step 4: by March 8If you have a disability or are an English Language Learner, you must request accommodations or supports as part of the online registration process. Follow the link below to learn about the accommodations or supports that are available and the medical documentation required.
Note: MNOHS cannot provide Special Testing.
Step 5: by April 5Get a valid Minnesota photo ID:
Step 6: by April 5April 5 is the final deadline for uploading a photo of yourself to your ACT web account. The photo that you upload will be part of the ACT Plus Writing admission ticket that you print out. It must match your photo ID (see Step 5 above) and also match you! You can complete this step by taking a snapshot of yourself with a web cam or phone.
Photo Submission Requirements:

Important: If you do not upload a photo by this date, your test registration will be cancelled. Also, you can’t print your admission ticket until you upload a photo.
Step 7: by April 13Prepare for the ACT Plus Writing exam;
Step 8: on April 13Go to the test center, with your admission ticket and your photo ID. You must be at the test center before 7:45 a.m.

Questions about registering for the ACT?
Please check with your Ramp-Up advisor or your MNOHS counselor.

Click here to download a PDF version of the above information, with usable checklist:

Eligible for benefits and need an ACT fee waiver form?
Please contact Adrianna Black Bull at [email protected]

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