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Summer Session begins June 14.
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In the first semester of this fourth-year Spanish course, students will build on the material covered in previous levels to gain confidence in all four skills areas—reading, writing, listening and speaking. While “traveling” around the Spanish-speaking world, students will be communicating about family, the fine arts, and the media. Lessons will focus on specific strategies to help students improve their skills.

During the second semester, students will be reading a variety of short stories, poetry and other writings from Hispanic authors from around the world. Students will continue to review grammar in context of the writings and have ample opportunity to listen to and speak the language by listening to the audio samples and recording spoken exercises using Voice Thread. Students will communicate frequently with the instructor through writings and oral activities and discussions.

Course materialsExprésate! Level 3 (Holt), Encuentros Maravillosos (Prentice Hall, 2005)

Standards met: These courses meet national standards, developed with input from the World Languages Quality Teaching Network. 

Credit: 1.0 (Semester A = 0.5 credit, Semester B = 0.5 credit.)

Honors Opportunity
: No

Prerequisites: Spanish 3 A and B, or the equivalent, for Spanish 4A. Spanish 4A, or the equivalent, for Spanish 4B.

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